Green salad with crispy bacon, parmezan cheese flakes, chicken filet, paprika croutons and Caesar's dressing

Stuffed cherry tomatoes with cheese, fresh mint and cappers. 

Salad with pasta, feta cheese, olives, dry tomatoes and fresh thyme.

Stuffed Portobello mushrooms with cheese, ham and bechamel. 

Handmade blinis with salmon tartar, cream cheese, dill herb and salmon eggs.

Mushroom stuffed with pumpkin puree, Graviera cheese and deli meat

Βaby potatoes stuffed with yogurt and Apaki spicy sausage.

Arancini with fresh mushrooms, chives, and parmesan cheese, served with mayo & chilly sauce.

Mexican Tacos with chicken, fresh vegetables, coriander and yogurt sauce.

Cheese balls with kantaifi and tomato chutney.

Mini brioche burger with fresh minced meat, pickles, edam and pink sauce

Falafel Wrap with tomato, cucumber and yogurt sauce

Chocolate mousse with mastiha flavor and Caprice wafers. 

Biscuit flavored with lemon zest, cream cheese and lemon curd.