Greek salad with dry bread from Volissos village, kritamo and rocket infused olive oil.

Potato salad with fresh onion and pork fillet.

Beetroot salad with yogurt, nuts and sour apple.

Groat salad with tomato, fresh spices and yogurt sauce.

Cheese platter with dry fruits 

Spring rolls filled with Feta cheese, fresh mint, honey and sesame.

Breaded zucchini croquettes filled with Mastelo local cheese.

Egg plant rolls with Greek cheeses and basil infused tomato sauce.

Crispy spinach pie with fresh spices and Feta cheese.

Greek cheese pie with three  different types of Greek cheese.

Penne with fresh vegetables and tomato sauce.

Chicken Fusili  with mushrooms and parmesan flakes 

Pork fillet cooked in local wine with tomatoes and colourful peppers.

Veal cooked in the oven with sweet local wine and fresh mushrooms.

Chicken fillet on the grill marinated with thyme and mustard sauce.

Sea bream with basil Citronel 

Baby potatoes with butter and thyme 

Grilled vegetables with olive oil and balsamic vinegar 

Profiteroles with handmade choux, patisserie and chocolate cream, cherry cheesecake and traditional orange pie with sugar syrup

Fruit salad with orange sauce, honey and mint .